Learn how to create and perform a character monologue with inspiration from portrait paintings in the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art at CSU. Dulcie Willis, professional theatre artist from Fort Collins helps you get inspired to draw, write, perform and reflect on making a character with his/her/their own storyline. You'll understand how self-awareness, identity and social/emotional intelligence is a part of every choice an actor makes in theatre-making. This lesson and its activities are aligned with the Colorado Academic Standards in Drama and Theatre Arts. Get ready to play!

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With nearly 30 years of educational theatre and production experience, Dulcie has directed or produced more than 50 shows for schools and community theatres. She received the 2017 Colorado Theatre Guild Henry Award for Outstanding Director and holds BA degrees in Musical Theatre and Theatre Education with a Masters in Arts Administration. She co-produced the Fort Collins Fringe Festival for 7 years and co-owns La-De-Da Performing Arts, an acting studio for all ages. She is a freelance teaching artist always looking for the next creative collaborative project and enjoys laughter, being silly and playing outdoors.