MIIX: Multicultural, Intersectional, Inclusivity Exchange


In the realm of minority representation and social justice efforts, there is still so much that needs to be done in different areas of society. Conversations about feminism, sexual minorities rights, gender, racism, accessibility, xenophobia and other important issues have been ongoing for decades but being aware of the problems is not enough. Whether it’s inside museums, which have historically played a role as gatekeepers of culture, often replicating the barriers to minorities in society; or universities, which are still far from being accessible for all social classes; or the corporate and political worlds, with its glass ceilings still largely intact. The question is: how do we affect change?

With that in mind, the Gregory Allicar Museum at Colorado State University presents MIIX, Multicultural, Intersectional, Inclusivity eXchange, an annual program established in 2018 to discuss representation and practical change related to social justice.

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