In his manifesto The Birth of the Sixth Art, published in 1911, Italian film theoretician Ricciotto Canudo argued that cinema was a new art, “a superb conciliation of the Rhythms of Space (the Plastic Arts) and the Rhythms of Time (Music and Poetry),” a synthesis of the five ancient arts: architecture, sculpture, painting, music, and poetry (cf. Hegel’s Lectures on Aesthetics). Canudo later added dance as a sixth precursor, a third rhythmic art with music and poetry, making cinema the seventh art.

In 2019, the ACT Human Rights Film Festival launched the ACT Year-Round initiative to showcase must-see human rights films outside of the confines of the festival and throughout the year. ACT Year-Round includes opportunities to discuss the films and their topics with the community, local experts, and special guests. ACT Year-Round will take place at a variety of locations and some of the screenings are free to the public. By removing financial barriers, ACT Year-Round is accessible to all members of the Fort Collins community.

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