Higher Education

Museum Internships

Internships are available at the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art for college students in their Junior and/or Senior year, for recent graduates, and for graduate students. Each internship is individually designed to best serve students' interests while benefitting the museum and its audiences. Interns often work across different museum departments on projects that culminate in presentation to the public.

Interested applicants should send a cover letter and a c.v. or resumé with two references to the museum’s director, Dr. Lynn Boland.

Currently all internships are unpaid/voluntary but course credit may be available. If you are interested in sponsoring a museum internship to help increase access to the museum profession, please contact Lynn Boland.

Volunteer Opportunities

The museum also offers a variety of community volunteer opportunities. Do you like to sew or woodwork? Have you got experience in marketing, education, or events and are looking for a way to pitch in? Let’s talk! Please contact relevant staff or the museum’s director Lynn Boland.

Collection Seminar

The museum offers ART492A seminar, Museum Collections: From Storage to Exhibition to CSU students each Fall semester. The course introduces topics involving museum collections through readings, documentary films, guest speakers, object research, site visits and hands-on museum projects. Students learn about working behind-the-scenes, managing museum collections and handling original objects. For information, contact the museum’s Registrar/Collections Manager, Suzanne.Hale@colostate.edu.