Date(s) - March 31, 2022
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Gregory Allicar Museum of Art, University Center for the Arts

Join us for Yoga in the Museum at the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art!

This free, hour-long Vinyasa flow yoga class will be held in GAMA’s Griffin ​Foundation Gallery, surrounded by ​art from the exhibition Glorioserías​: The Body in Late Twentieth Century Mexican Art. Yoga in the Museum participants are welcome to stay and enjoy the museum after class, including current exhibitions Black Art at CSU: Building a Presence, Dead & Lost in Detroit: A Graphic Novel by Carl Wilson, and Survivance.

Participants ​should bring their own mat. No other equipment ​is needed​, though you are welcome to bring a blanket or blocks. Water is not allowed in the galleries but may be stored in the lobby ​for after class. ​

Free and appropriate for all ​experience levels! Sessions limited to 20 participants. Suggested donation of $10 to benefit the ​Gregory Allicar Museum ​of Art.


Registration is required: Yoga in the Museum Free Registration (March 31)


Vinyasa flow yoga class (all experience levels), Thursday, March 31, 5:30 p​.m​.-6:30 p​.m​., led by Theresa McLaren, GAMA Visitor Services Manager and certified yoga instructor


Theresa came to the Museum in September of 2021. Theresa is an alumna of Colorado State University. She was formerly a Visitor Services Manager for the Humboldt State Natural History Museum for 10 years. She has many years of experience in the service industry as a manager and regional manager and formerly owned an Art & Yoga studio.





A second Yoga in the Museum class will take place on Thursday, April 7, from 4 p.m.-5 p.m. in the Griffin Foundation Gallery, led by Duan Ruff, Director of CSU’s Black/African American Cultural Center and certified yoga instructor.