Date(s) - April 27, 2018
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Gregory Allicar Museum of Art, University Center for the Arts

Friday, April 27, 2019 at 5 p.m.

Come experience on of Indonesian’s cultural treasures!

Concert of Javanese gamelan music presents guest artists in residence: Joko Sutrisno, Javanese gamelan master from Minnesota State University. He also teaches gamelan in several universities in America; Baghawan Ciptoning, Javanese dancer and choreographer from Indonesia who now lives in Los Angeles, graduate of Indonesian Institute of Arts; Nurlina Syahrir, Javanese dancer and professor from Indonesia, who graduated from Indonesian Institute of Arts.

ARCINDA (The Arts and Culture of Indonesia), is a non-profit based in Fort Collins/Loveland that produces Javanese Gamelan performances. Gamelan is one of Indonesian cultural highlight: Gamelan orchestras are used as part of teaching the world music classes in most of the universities in Colorado and some Universities in America. This makes gamelan considered as part of American cultural heritage.

THEME: Classic to Contemporary – Javanese Gamelan Music and Dance

Classic: Maintaining traditional pieces of gamelan music and dance, from Javanese Palace culture. In the past, Javanese Palace culture was considered sacred, and only being performed within the Javanese Palace Community.  Now, there was opportunity to be expanded into foreign countries. So public can enjoy cultural life without traveling far away to the country of origin.
Contemporary: The beauty of the traditional music won’t be easily recognized by modern musicians until it is brought in harmony and in tune with modern music. ARCINDA is the first Javanese gamelan in Colorado, may be the only few groups in USA (among hundreds of gamelan group in USA) who is capable to perform unique collaboration music between gamelan and modern music. By performing “Classic to Contemporary” theme, the audiences can experience the difference.