Date(s) - October 17, 2018
12:00 am

Hoffert Learning Center, Gregory Allicar Museum of Art

The mural Holding Space was created by SOCIAL JUSTICE THRU THE ARTS participants during the 2018 summer institutes hosted by CSU Alliance Partnership in collaboration with CSU College of Liberal Arts, CSU Women’s Studies and Gender Research, the University Center for the Arts, the School of Music Theatre and Dance, the Department of Art and Art History, and the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art.

Rose Jaffe, is an eclectic artist: she illustrates, paints and carves images of women activists and friends through a prolific body of multimedia works – in bold colors, overlapping lines, and feminine bodies without commercialized proportions. Born and raised in D.C. After art school, she spent time teaching art and after-school programs, eventually making the leap to full-time creative. She balances her life with work on illustration and murals, and her own artist practice of printmaking and painting.

Rose uses her artwork as a tool for social commentary – exploring themes of feminism, environmental justice, and immigration, among others. She believes in the power of art to cross language and cultural barriers, and to tell stories that can be interpreted and appreciated by many.