COURTNEY EGAN: C.A.R.S. ONLINE Virtual Exhibition

The artist-curated C.A.R.S. Online series features past participants in the long running Critic & Artist Residency Series, with virtual exhibitions bringing together the artists’ own work and works from the museum’s collection.

Courtney Egan, who visited CSU in 2014, is based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her projection-based sculptural installations mix botanical themes and technology. This exhibition presents new and existing work by the artist set in dialogue with her selections from the museum’s collection, all speaking to relationships between the natural and human-made.


NOTE: The virtual exhibition works best in Chrome (Mac) or Edge (PC).

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Courtney Egan: Cultivar

June 4 - September 27, 2014


New Orleans based electronic-media artist, Courtney Egan, is known for her projection-based sculptural installations on botanical themes. These works, described as ethereal, lovely, and poetic, are the result of Egan’s investigation of the natural world as experienced through media. Following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Egan was drawn to nature as a source for her work. Yet, the artist was intrigued by the frequency with which we experience nature indirectly, through the mediated screens of computers and television.  Egan describes her work as “subtly impossible, hybrid tableaus” and “pretty trickery” that asks the viewer to consider our relationships to the natural world and technology. Egan’s exhibition is part of the Critic and Artist Residency Series, sponsored by the FUNd at CSU.