Gregory Allicar Museum of Art, Colorado State University

Statement on Diversity and Equity at the Museum


PDF: GAMA Diversity and Equity Statement 2020


Statement Text:

The Gregory Allicar Museum of Art’s staff, board and volunteers believe that art can create a positive change in society by providing new perspectives, encouraging empathy, and bringing people with differing ideas together. We remain dedicated to these principles and to the University’s equal opportunity policy which states that “Colorado State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, creed, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or pregnancy.” This statement is noted in the museum’s Code of Ethics document. Since its founding, the museum has instituted a diverse slate of programming and pursued a collection representing as wide a swath possible of humanity: geographically, chronologically, and culturally. We have worked to create a diverse and inclusive environment in the galleries, as well as in our offices. We have made notable strides, but we know more work remains.

The time since the murder of George Floyd has been one of deep reflection within our museum and among its staff and community. Black lives matter. Despite our dedication to diversity, equity, and social justice, there remains racism inherent in  the history of museums and academia that unwillingly lingers within our walls. We have made progress, but we must make more. We will continue to educate ourselves and solicit other voices, seeking out bias, identifying it, and working to correct it in all that we do for the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art. 

We will work together under the leadership of board chairperson, Dr. Francisco Leal, and museum director, Dr. Lynn Boland, to continue pursuing social justice,  equity, accessibility and inclusion, using art as promoter of and catalyst for equalitarian communities. We will continue to develop and present programming that challenges inequity and promotes positive social changes. We will continue to prioritize artistic diversity in our collection, with a commitment to devote even more resources to achieving our goals. We will reevaluate and improve our methods of promoting greater diversity within the museum’s staff and community. In the short term, we are intensely expediting our current diversity plans. At the same time,  we look farther ahead and vow to listen and learn while being transparent about the successes and our shortcomings in our ongoing work for continued and meaningful change. Please join the conversation and help us in our efforts—Francisco’s email is Francisco.leal at and Lynn’s is lynn.boland at We will continue to share  information about the museum’s diversity and equity developments on our website.


Adopted November 2020 by the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art Staff and Advisory Board:

Lynn Boland, Director and Chief Curator
Suzanne Hale, Collections Manager
Keith Jentsch, Operations Manager and Chief Preparator
Caity Minard, Visitor Services Manager
Francisco Leal, Advisory Board Chairperson
Johnny Plastini, Advisory Board Vice Chairperson
Nicole Asel, Advisory Board Member
Patricia Coronel, Advisory Board Member
Mary Crow, Advisory Board Member
Suzanne Faris, Advisory Board Member
Linny Frickman, Advisory Board Member
Gwen Hatchette, Advisory Board Member
Carol Ann Hixon, Advisory Board Member
Jasmine Holmes, Advisory Board Member
Eleanor Moseman, Advisory Board Member
Jane Nevrivy, Advisory Board Member
Dale Pruce, Advisory Board Member
David Riep, Advisory Board Member
Torleif Tandstad, Advisory Board Member