Music in the Museum Concert Series

The Gregory Allicar Museum of Art and the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance are entering their third season of the collaborative visual and auditory experience, Music in the Museum Concert Series.

The series explores the cross-fertilization between music and the visual arts, with performances by CSU Music faculty and brief historic background given by faculty from the Department of Art and Art History and the School of Music, Theatre and Dance.

Why do we so often separate and differentiate visual and performing arts? In this series music is performed against the backdrop of works of art ranging from Renaissance and Baroque paintings and sculpture to expressions by contemporary artists from around the globe. Patrons are invited to holistically absorb the power of music and the visual arts and the relationships between them through these unique presentations.

Music in the Museum is possible thanks to Dr. Abigal Shupe, Assistant Professor in Music Theory and the Music Department at CSU.